Fransmanshoek Conservancy

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Established in 1994, the oldest active conservancy in the Western Cape, South Africa. Conserving the coastline from Springer Baai (bay) to Cape Vacca. The members of our conservancy area include the communities of Vleesbaai (Bay), Boggoms baai (Bay) and Springer Baai (Bay).

Fransmanshoek Conservancy is home to a wide range of fauna and flora. In the conservancy area many activities are available to nature lovers. Whether you are into coastal walks or hiking trails, free diving or fishing, animal or plant identification, or you are just looking for a natural place of beauty to enjoy. Fransmanshoek offers all this and more.

Fransmanshoek Conservancy has one full-time head ranger and each year the conservancy accommodates two student rangers completing their practical training year.

This profile was created to form part of an online, digital, fauna and flora database collection for the area. We encourage people in our community and visitors to the area to post and identify the various organism found here as to add to the database.

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