Frazer Dale

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Teacher, volunteer, environmentalist, animal lover, westie, Mr Bio-Blitz. Winner of the Auckland Mayoral Conservation Award in 2018.

Hi, I'm Frazer Dale. I've been a teacher for over 20 years - teaching in schools, MOTAT, the Maritime Museum and most recently Auckland Zoo. At the Zoo I rose through the teaching ranks to be manager of the Outreach Conservation Education team. I teach conservation skills to students, teachers, parents and community groups. These are the same skills DoC rangers, council rangers, conservationists and environmental community groups use. The most useful conservation skills to learn are monitoring, or some people call it Citizen Science. Bird surveys, identifying native plants, lizards, invertebrates, stream testing, Rocky Shore, MM2. ALL of these activities (and more) are perfect for iNaturalist. The best thing is they can be done in your local area. Your backyard, school garden, the local park or reserve, the local stream, wetland, river or beach are all amazing places to explore and find out what is living there. Take a photo, upload it to iNaturalist and share with the world what you have found.

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