Loïc Mathieu

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G'day! (this is a ruse I'm not Australian)

I have been in love with the biosphere since times immemorial, and find iNaturalist to be an excellent platform through which to express my profound admiration for most organisms (endoparasites excluded). My main interest lies in ligneous plants and their ecosystemic services, to the extent that the vast majority of my IDs are of Canadian trees


I am fluent in both English and French so I favour those languages when communicating with other iNaturalist users. In order to make my reasoning accessible to most, I prefer discussing essential identification clues in English, even under observations from primarily French-speaking users. However, don't be shocked if I send a "Merci!" your way to spruce it up🌲I also enjoy challenging my understanding of Latin-American Spanish, which I plan on learning. Eventually.


I've enabled notifications for @ mentions, comments and disagreeing IDs, but not for agreeing IDs. You can tag me on almost any observations, from those that pertain to my taxa of interest to the amazing, unusual and jaw-dropping ones that I absolutely need to see. No spam please! (or you will be banished to the eternal cubicle 😨)


If you wish to use my photos, I ask that you request my permission and credit me. Feel free to accompany them with a link to the corresponding iNaturalist observations. You can contact me directly through iNaturalist's messaging function and comments, as I don't feel comfortable disclosing my email address on public platforms.

Identification Workflow

When reviewing a taxon, by which I mean providing as many IDs for said taxon as my confidence allows and annotating all of its current observations, I usually follow this course of action:

  1. Identify Needs ID observations. Mark all as reviewed
  2. Annotate reviewed observations
  3. Annotate Casual observations and identify some in the process. Mark all as reviewed
  4. Annotate all other observations while ensuring their validity. Mark all as reviewed

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