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Mainly interested in bryophytes, lichens and their respective fungal parasites and other symbionts. Regions of interest: Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa.

I am currently studying at university but have several projects on the go on the taxonomy of bryophilous fungi in Britain.

I am facilitating the following species projects here on iNat, which I encourage anybody interested to join as they are a great way to keep track of observations:

Bryophytes of Southern Africa -
Bryophytes UK -
Lichens UK -

Note: I check over a large number of bryophyte observations and sometimes do not provide reasons for ID. If you would like to know why an ID was suggested, feel free to comment or to message me. I like to go over all UK bryophyte observations in particular but am happy to look at observations from anywhere. All of my IDs are hypotheses based on photographs provided and as such there is an error rate (I'm only human). Naturalists should be aware that cryptogams are not always identifiable from photographs but we can often get closer than "Bryophyta" or "Fungi". iNat gives me the opportunity to stay engaged with the field while I am away from the countryside.

Member of the following groups:
British Bryological Society
International Association of Bryologists
British Lichen Society
Isle of Wight Natural History and Archaeological Society
National Biodiversity Network
Royal Society for the Protection of British Birds

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