Mario Reinhardt

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I am from Germany, but live in Panama now. I was always interested in nature and everywhere i was living i used to make lists of all species i could find within a distance up to 5 km from my home. Now with INat i can now share my findings, which i am glad for and i can contribute in idendifying and sharing my knowledge.
Since i was a child i was breeding and collecting butterflies. Over the years i developed a main interest in european blues. About 20 years ago after travelling the world for 12 years i started breeding and collecting Morpho Butterflies, which led to a fair understanding of species, subspecies and their distribution. At the Moment my focus lies on the Morpho species and subspecies in Centralamerica.
I am always happy for new species i find myself and for identification i can contribute to. I am not perfect and i certainly make mistakes, but i am willing to learn, and i give to the best of my knowlegde and believe.

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