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Amateur photographer and Christian homeschooler with a keen interest in the diverse order Araneae (spiders). My primary focus lies in understanding their intricate and intriguing spinneret and spigot morphology and diversity, as well as general spider taxonomy. Additionally, I am working on a comprehensive field guide with straightforward identification for all spider families around the globe.

My photographs are captured using the Canon EOS Rebel T7 with the kit lens and a 14-130mm macro extension tube(s). I previously used the 7-49mm macro extension tube, and earlier the iPod 7th generation paired with a clip-on macro lens. I hope in the near future I can purchase a true, efficient macro setup. Feel free to use my photographs as long as you credit me under Matthew Lindsey. It would also be greatly appreciated if you could inform me when you use them!

"Wherever there is faith as slender as one strand of the spider's web, there the fullness of redeeming grace is active."
~ John Murray

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