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he/his - complete amateur willing to learn everything. feel free to ask how I've come to an ID, point out galls or leaf mines or anything else in my observations, or (especially) explain why my suggestion is wrong!

most of my locations are captured by GPS. if they do not have an accuracy figure, this is one of those - this isn't exact; and is most likely going to be a few metres out.

most of my photos are uploaded as CC-BY - use them for whatever purpose, even commercial, so long as you give credit - though I ask if you're using it for a commercial, non-charitable purpose you donate whatever you feel it's worth to a charity local to you. a smattering are CC-BY-NC - if you want to use one one of my images for commercial / profit-making purposes, check first!

if you want the higher res images (before iNat shrinks them) send a message and we can work something out.

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