Jill Reid

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Many years ago, I majored in Biology because it fascinates me. I'm an Associate Professor of Instruction at VCU in Richmond, VA, but my classes focus on Human Biology, Nutrition, General Biology, and Quantitative Biology - all online, so I don't get out in the field for work very often. My field experience, until recently, has been mainly casual - the general walks and hikes, etc and trying to remember what I learned from my undergraduate field-based lab classes from years ago.

However, I recently became a Virginia Master Naturalist with the Pocahontas Chapter, and have rediscovered my love of biology and the enjoyment of being around like-minded folks who love being outdoors, observing nature, and participating in Citizen Science Projects like Frogwatch USA and the City Nature Challenge.

As I use iNaturalist more and more, and have experienced the generosity/help of other observers, I have realized it is a magnificent learning platform and am excited to teach my students how to use it as well.

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