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I have a degree in Wildlife and Conservation Biology from the University of New Hampshire and am currently pursing a masters in Conservation Science. Most of my first-hand experience comes from southern California and New England in the USA, although I’ve also gained some experience in other countries from studying abroad in Tasmania, Costa Rica, and Panama as well as being a long-term volunteer with the Adopt a Panama Rainforest Association (ADOPTA) in Panama. With over a decade of experience as a birdwatcher and fieldherper, I am most knowledgeable about birds, reptiles, and amphibians. My interests include the entire environment, however, so I have been steadily improving my knowledge of all taxa as much as possible.

Despite my educational background, the majority of my knowledge is self-taught. This means that–shockingly-I might make mistakes! I endeavor to always have an explanation for the IDs I provide so if you’re interested in my IDs please ask, I’ll be more than happy to explain my reasoning. I’m also always open to criticism, so please contest my IDs if you think I’m wrong (I may ask why you’re providing a different ID, but it’s only so that I can improve my own knowledge!).

On the other hand, I’m passionate about connecting people with the natural world and have a fair amount of experience as an environmental educator from volunteering with the Orange County Bird of Prey Center and working for several years teaching science-themed field trips. Feel free to tag me/ask for my input on pretty much anything; I’m always willing to provide whatever information I can and I love discussions! Of course, I don’t only enjoy chatting with people online–if you see me out on a trail somewhere, don’t be afraid to say hello!

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