Joy Wang 王穆清

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A city-born rewilding herself.
I graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, curriculum: Art and Environment. (2023)

Certificates with North America Tracker Certification:
“Track & Sign” Level 3 (92%), Swan Valley, Montana, Jan 2023.
“Track & Sign” Level 3 (99%), Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 2024.

“足印与痕迹” 等级三 (92%),蒙大拿州,2023年1月。
“足印与痕迹” 等级三 (99%),明尼苏达州,2024年5月。

If you're interested in Track and Signs of Chinese species, please visit the project I admin.

Articles 文章:
Tracking the Millennium Park Red Fox (Northeast Wildlife Trackers, 2024 winter newsletter)
去海岛,寻找神奇动物(更高俱乐部 Zhoushan Higher Club)

Instagram: @joy_wang_muqing
WeChat: JoyWANG0604

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