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A lifelong hunter-conservationist, amateur ecologist-naturalist, perpetually frustrated fisher, opportunistic birder, (thanks eBird and Merlin apps) enthusiastic hiker, quasi-entomologist (read that "queasy"), accidental herpetologist, (yikes), avid iNaturalist contributor, proud volunteer member of Texas Master Naturalist, Alamo Area Master Naturalist Chapter, (AAMN) and passionate steward of my forever improving, never completed, certified suburban 8000 square feet of planet earth wildlife habitat.
I am project lead with 10 phenomenal AAMN teammates of an evolving “camera trap” study of mammalian wildlife diversity and feral hog populations inhabiting the natural areas and greenways of northwest San Antonio, TX. This AAMN study is in conjunction with the City of San Antonio Parks Department and the Texas Parks and Wildlife, (TPWD)-Texas Nature Trackers, (TNT) Mammals of Texas Project.

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