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Hello, Hello, Hello!

I'm just a 14 year old crazy chicken girl who loves nature. Everything God created is an expression of His love!
My family and I live on what's turning into a farm. We only have birds, dogs, bees and a cat, but slowly we'll get more animals.

I have four hens, two roosters, and five guineas (fowl). My bantam rooster, Toots (profile pic), and I are best friends. He's very very sweet and the hens love him. My other rooster, Rockabilly (mean Barred Rock, ha ha), is the leader of the guineas. He is a true miracle. He was supposed to be a pullet, but turned out to be a rooster. The guineas are very hard to tame, but thanks to Rockabilly they follow me around everywhere, eat out of my hand, and sometimes I can even hold them!

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.se/thebeelovergirl/christianity/

Feel free to ask me anything about Christianity! I answer truthfully. :)

Have a wonderful day!!!

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