Dayan J Anderson

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Sustainability professional with diverse experience spanning mine engineering, pit operations, reclamation, environmental management, stakeholder engagement and conservation. A "beyond the box thinker" and change agent passionate about fostering collaborative relationships between industry, agencies, communities and conservation interests.

As a research assistant for Natural Resources Canada, I participated in a social and environmental performance review of the Canadian Mining Industry, focusing on greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity, and legacy mine lands. Working closely with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, my masters thesis explored opportunities for bighorn sheep conservation and adaptive biodiversity management within mine-influenced landscapes. I have recently embarked on a PhD program in operations research at the Colorado School of Mines where I will build upon this work and other best practices in conservation decision science. More specifically, I will be investigating the integration of ecological considerations into the mine optimization workflow to improve biodiversity outcomes over the life of a mine project - from early exploration to post-closure.

For nearly two decades I have served with nonprofits focused on youth development in the outdoors, citizen science, environmental education, wildlife conservation and habitat restoration. I am a member of the California Native Plant Society, the Society for the Conservation of Bighorn Sheep, the Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society, and serve on the boards of the Southern California Mountains Foundation and the Friends of the Tonto National Forest. I am a certified California Naturalist and Arizona Master Naturalist.

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