Ludo Leclerc

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M. Sc. student in Forest Entomology
Laval University, Quebec, Canada
Project: Beetle turnovers across a coniferous-deciduous gradient in a mature temperate forest of North America

I hold a B.Sc.A. degree in Environmental Sciences, and my passion for entomology and taxonomy has driven me to pursue graduate studies in this field, intending to make it my future career. While insect identification is my primary interest, I believe in delving beyond the individual insect, considering an ecological perspective that encompasses factors like phenology and trophic guilds. With this in mind, I've been interested in the study of the entomofauna of urban environments and old-growth forests.

I spend most of my summers exploring various ecosystems in eastern North America in search of several insect groups: sap-feeding beetles (Nitidulidae), rove beetles (Staphylinidae), click beetles (Elateridae), and more recently treehoppers (Membracidae), and cuckoo wasps (Chrysididae). Beyond entomology, I have also participated in taxonomic studies of freshwater mussels (Class: Bivalvia) and contributed to numerous Bioblitz events over the years.

While I strive for accurate identifications, I consider myself a perpetual learner. Please don't hesitate to tag me in your observations or provide corrections if needed. I am always eager to expand my knowledge and enhance my skills 😄

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