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Hi, I’m a year one uni student from Hong Kong. Over the years, my interest for shells rekindled after my rock phase, and since then I have been trying to learn more by joining Facebook groups and reading articles; it’s actually through one of my Facebook groups that I learnt about iNaturalist’s existence.

I am eager to upload parts of my small collection as to contribute to the ever growing database. Moreover, I feel like shell-bearing molluscs are generally underrated by local organisations as compared to other ecological fields, which is evident from the little and often times inaccurate information available online. While I know my knowledge is still very limited, I hope that by uploading more pictures and doing more peer-review, I can at some point see a bigger and more conclusive picture of the local species of Hong Kong.

Please feel free to follow me or give me any suggestions/feedback, I appreciate any constructive criticism!

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