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I am a young New Caledonian researcher in Ecology and Conservation Biology and project manager in concerted management. I am interested in the status of flying fox populations in New Caledonia and the impacts of hunting and predation by feral cats on these species. My professional objective is to participate, at my level, in the development of my country in my field of expertise. In concrete terms, I would like to carry out management and research projects for the conservation of biodiversity in New Caledonia and even in the Pacific.

I am also involved in these issues via the associative world as president of two associations, the Gardiens Des Iles (GDI) association and the Association des Doctorants Néo-calédoniens (ADN) and as an active member of the Association pour la Conservation des Chauves-Souris en Nouvelle-Calédonie (ACCS).

I would be delighted to share with you my research topics or broader topics related to them, such as biodiversity conservation in island ecosystems or the management of threatened or invasive species, so do not hesitate to contact me.

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