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I am the world's foremost expert on nothing! A former soldier turned mechanical engineer turned teacher, my days are normally spent educating high school students in the subjects of chemistry and physics. When not teaching, I attempt to keep up an 80 acre "farm," which is more like a nature preserve since I no longer tend stock. In the little free time I have, exploring the natural beauty of this place is my passion.

Oakwood Farm is located in the Cumberland Plateau geographic region of northwest Alabama, Winston County to be exact. Sitting atop a ridge, she is, unfortunately, surrounded by land owned by timber companies that practice clear-cutting large swaths of land. As a result, Oakwood often takes on characteristics of an island in that it remains ecologically intact while being surrounded by nothingness. An incredible variety of species can be found here. And though I know little of birds, I am convinced that we are stopping point along migration routes for many types. In short, we see a lot of wildlife!

Thank you, in advance, for all who help in identifying the species I misidentify. If you are ever in the area, my wife and I would love to have you join us for a walk-about!

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