Rita Tomassetti

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Native plant gardening enthusiast documenting the insects benefiting from the fruit of my labors.

I figured I would update this bio section.

I started planting native plants in my landscape in 2019 , 2020 decided to plant more native plants in the front garden bed, and plant a large garden bed in the back, I noticed more and more wildlife around the gardens, and decided to document the impact of my small native gardens to the wildlife around.
The property is located in a semi-rural area, behind the property there is large area of lawn and a few trees (black walnut, black wild cherry, Kentucky coffee tree, dogwoods, pin oaks not really a woodland just several mature trees scattered through out between two properties).
Initially I only documented one observation per each species I encountered, and only if they were found on a native plant. Now i'm updating my observations including every instance a particular insect was observed from 2019 to 2022.
I have since moved and unfortunately all of the plants were removed per the request of the landlord.
So any observation past October of 2022 is of our new property or elsewhere.

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