Neal Kelso

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Languages I speak at least a little of (in order of competency): English, 日本語, Bislama, español, العربية, Cymraeg, Dizhsa.

Environmental anthropologist/ethnobiologist and linguist. Interested in endangered language revitalization, non-Linnaean taxonomy, and ecological time-reckoning professionally, and otherwise interested in anything I find in the woods.

Currently working with the New York Botanical Garden and Vanuatu Department of Forests on the "Plants and People of Vanuatu" project:

Vanuatu Talking Dictionaries and Plant Lexica:

(Paper) using palolo polychaete worms (Palola spp.) to reckon time in the Pacific:

Other stuff I've worked on:
Dizhsa/dixza/diza/dizaa (Tlacolula Valley Zapotec) Talking Dictionaries:

(Paper) The first large population of the endangered Lea's Bog Lichen (Phaeophyscia leana) in Alabama:

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