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BS in Biological Sciences from Binghamton University, with a minor in Evolutionary Studies. Currently doing conservation work in the American Southwest. Passionate about environmental education and nature stewardship! A machine that takes in food and pumps out salamanders.

My passion is for all things color polymorphism and aberrant color genetics, especially in herpetofauna. I have a particular interest in Eastern Red-Backed Salamander polymorphism and color anomalies. I'm currently researching the 'iridistic' morph- reach out to me for more information!

(Once, lol) One of the top salamander observers in New York State! As of 6/9/2024, I have looked at every single verifiable Eastern Red-Backed Salamander observation on iNaturalist- all 61,571 of them.

Thanks everyone for your help with IDs! I'm learning more every day, and like anyone I may bungle even IDs that I'm relatively confident in (damn those dorsolateral ridges).
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