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I spent 27 years in the Information Technology Industry (think real techie nerdy stuff like Oracle, Linux, Big Data/Hadoop, Python and managing teams that do all that hidden "data science and data munging" for the benefit of other industries).

In 2022 I fell out of love with the IT industry and left it to follow a passion I've had since a child....looking after our irreplaceable environment and the flora and fauna that make it so unique and beautiful.

I've spent 44 years camping throughout Australia (Northern Territory, the Kimberley, the Pilbara, southern Western Australia, northern Queensland, northern NSW and my home South Australia) and I've been very privileged to be able to see, hear and appreciate a vast number of animals and plants in their natural environments.

I've always had a love of our rugged environment and a love of our unique Australian fauna and diverse landscapes.

Over the years I've developed a love of Australian Eucalypts (their diversity, strength and the spirituality they posses inspires me).

I completed studying a Certificate III in Ecosystem & Environmental Management in July 2023, and have commenced studying a Diploma of Ecosystem & Environmental Management.

A short-term goal is to also complete a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (so I can help teach others about environmental and ecosystem management).

Ultimately I would like to complete Bachelors Degree in environmental science or similar area....but I'll cross that bridge when it comes along in my journey.

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