David A. Harrison

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Burned out poli-sci kid who figured out I liked native plants/ecology way too late in life. Botanizing now takes up most of my free time. Somewhat of a generalist, but most of my knowledge pertains to the various ecosystems of the pineywoods ecoregion as well as the wider southeastern US. Always feel free to tag me in any observations!

IG: @ palustris.botany


quick access links:
Weakley's Southeastern Flora Key - https://fsus.ncbg.unc.edu/img/flora/FSUS_2023.pdf
Texas Key - https://fsus.ncbg.unc.edu/img/flora/FSUS_2023_TX.pdf
Louisiana Key -https://fsus.ncbg.unc.edu/img/flora/FSUS_2023_LA.pdf
Virtual Key (all of SE US) - https://fsus.ncbg.unc.edu/
Host plant ID field (replace last 6 numbers with the id number of the plant you're seeking. Found in the taxa's link, right before the name) - https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?verifiable=any&place_id=any&field:Host%20Plant%20ID=128823

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