Philip Woods

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I was raised by farmers even though we weren't on the farm. I have always had an eye for and interest in nature. I received a BS in biology and chemistry from Abilene Christian College. I took Field Zoology, Plant Taxonomy, and taught Parasitology while in graduate school. I have over 40 graduate hours in biology and environmental Science. I have a large butterfly and shell collection.

I was responsible for oil spill response at the Refinery where I was employed. I had to get involved in Shoreline analysis, bird cleaning, and habitat rehab. I was on the team that established the Corpus Christi Bays and Estuary program. I have been bird, plant, and animal watching in the Coastal bend area for 40 years.
.I am now a Texas Master Naturalist. Finished my training requirements by volunteering at the Nueces Delta Preserve with 4th Graders. November 2017

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