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I live in a South Pacific island called New Zealand. I have a passion for Echinoderms, Molluscs and Cnidarians all over the world, however my absolute favourite one is Echinoids. I sometimes work on guides so here are a few,, I hope that they are of some use. I am personally friends with @Cuboidskate9303 and would be happy to know many of you online and if you have trouble with a Echinoderm, I am one of the go to guys.

As a kid I often got in trouble bringing Tarantulas and Scorpions inside my class in Panama as that was my passion at the time, over time it would change to Pokémon, Geology, Meteorology etc. I eventually ended here with Marine Biology, apparantly autism is to blame for the cycling of interests, but I show no sign of moving on to something else.

My hobbies include photography and shell collecting, sometime when my collection becomes big enough, I might give some of it to a Museum.

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