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Just a Massachusetts-based Hungarian gal who has a camera (Nikon D3500, though you'll be able to tell when observations are made with my phone) and a love for wildlife. Interested in all animals but particularly birds, frogs & toads, felids, flatworms, true hoppers, springtails, wasps (especially Ichneumonoids and Vespoids), weevils, flies, lice, isopods, and jumping spiders; also fascinated with animal morphology. I've become quite interested in lichens, too (though my knowledge on them remains quite limited). I'm also a strong believer in animal rights and the liberation of all animal species from oppression and believe people should take some time to better understand the intelligence and capabilities of all non-human animals.

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!! i'm not an expert in anything so take my IDs with a grain of salt because i'm mostly going off personal research and intuition !!

inat site-wide firsts:
Chiridotea tuftsii (first known photograph of living specimen)
Cyathostoma bronchialis
Genus Contracaecum
Isospora brachyrhynchi
Ciconiphilus decimfasciatus
Strigiphilus syrnii
Kurodaia haliaeeti
Cediopsylla simplex
Genus Chortoglyphus
Contracaecum osculatum
Cycloptilum pigrum (northernmost record of genus)
Genus Haemogamasus

inat massachusetts firsts:
Thanatus formicinus
Macrosiphum impatientis
Ambloplisus ornatus
Helina troene
Pterostichus adstrictus
Genus Procerodes (first North American observation)
Anisodactylus harrisii
Rhantus binotatus
Orchopeas howardi
Genus Phagocata
Neurothrips magnafemoralis
Oxyrrhexis carbonator
Trioza albifrons
Linycus exhortator
Atrazonotus umbrosus
Clinostomum marginatum
Cephalochrysa nigricornis
Aritranis director
Genus Holomenopon (first North American observation)
Ornithobius goniopleurus
Genus Capillaria
Austromenopon transversum (first North American observation)
Genus Laelaps (first United States observation)
Trinoton anserinum
Genus Tachyusa (first United States observation)
Xorides stigmapterus
Stephanosphaera pluvialis

inat hungarian firsts:
Erythracarus pyrrholeucus
Neuroterus anthracinus

other interesting observations:
one-eyed screech-owl
probably the first recorded macropterous Drusilla canaliculata
fasciated "double clover"
very thick fasciated horseweed

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