Rand Workman

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I like mushrooms...and other stuff.

I've been posting to MushroomObserver.org for a few years and prefer that site for my dedicated fungi observations. https://mushroomobserver.org/observer/show_user/7631

I may need some help classifying "stuff" (sometimes fungi can be "stuff" too, just less often than the other 99.8+% of life forms that I encounter). So, if you find yourself using your expertise to help classify my "stuff", then, in the language of citizen science I'll offer my "Hey, thanks!" by using my knowledge (usually mushroom ID...and some other "things") to help classify your "stuff" too, if I can help of course.
I also spend a few moments here and there cleaning up the spp. I have a good handle on both locally and worldwide as my experience will allow.
I have a few different methods of doing these sweeps for the fungi, plants & animals (usually, but not always, at species-level) that I know well. If I come to a taxon that is riddled with misidentifications, I will use the search parameters:
‹Date:Ascending› (oldest-newest)
then I just start scanning each Obs one by one and cleaning it up as I can with any confidence. This way, if I get distracted before completing the entire historical catalog of iNat obs under that name, I will have at least vetted a certain portion of them, within my current skill level, starting from the beginning.. instead of the middle (which the default parameter of ‹Date:Descending› would have one doing).
More generally, I am also cleaning up local fungi obses with the Search Parameters set as:
‹Location:My Location› [Whidbey Island, Washington State]

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