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I'm not great with photos, and I'm just working with a cell phone. I often take pictures of plants because they're easier to photograph and because I want to learn about the huge variety of random plants around me. Including some of the littlest ones.

FYI I sometimes don't properly ID/label stuff when I'm out taking observations, and fix it later.

I'm on Mastodon!

notes for self about personal retagging project:

  • {Park Name} ({City or County Name}/ST_or_PR/CTRY)
  • William & Eva Karley Datura Avenue Beach Portal (Lauderdale Lakes/FL/USA)
  • Connie Hoffmann Beach Pavilion and Ocean Plaza (Lauderdale Lakes/FL/USA)
  • urban biota of Broward County (FL/USA)
  • urban biota of Miami Dade County (FL/USA)
  • urban biota of Washington (DC/USA)
  • urban biota of Orange County (FL/USA)
  • urban biota of Okeechobee County (FL/USA)
  • urban biota of Collier County (FL/USA)
  • landscape plants of Broward County (FL/USA)
  • landscape plants of Miami-Dade County (FL/USA)
  • captive/domestic animals in Miami-Dade County (FL/USA)
  • captive/domestic animals in County Name (ST or PR/CTRY)
  • indoor and presumed local [tagged along with an "urban biota" tag]
  • indoor organism of unknown provenance
  • possibly imported via agricultural product
  • location obscured to protect sensitive species
  • beach and shore observations of Broward County (FL/USA)
  • beach and shore observations of Collier County (FL/USA)
  • beach and shore observations of Palm Beach County (FL/USA)
  • Mitigation Area FXE Parcel 21B (Fort Lauderdale/FL/USA)
  • backlog uploads


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