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July 2023 update: The time I devoted to iNat has been replaced by archaeology and dumpster diving, though I might come back at some point.

I don't always explain my IDs because of time constraints, but if you want me to, just ask. No problem.

Background in wildlife biology and population ecology. My knowledge tends to be more location-based than taxon-based. I mostly ID observations from PA.

I give more specific classifications to things in the unknown category, and in plants from the kingdom through class level so that others with more expertise can have a go at them.

I love it when I can nail an observation that's been sitting in limbo for multiple years down to species level. This one's my current pride and joy:

Every once in a while I'll pick a species I know well and dive down an ID verification rabbit hole.

Deep dives completed (PA only):
American chestnut
Common pawpaw

My go to tree/shrub key:

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