Remington Jackson

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I grew up in San Diego County, where I spent countless hours of my childhood flipping over rocks to look for insects and herps, and searching for succulents in the canyons near my neighborhood. I majored in Environmental Studies and Biology at UC Santa Cruz. I developed a passion for horticulture and botany while working as a gardener at the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum & Botanic Garden. Post graduation, I’ve had various seasonal horticulture and field botany jobs across the Intermountain west and in the Las Vegas area. I'm currently working in the PNW doing habitat restoration and I'm thinking about making Washington my long term home. My main focus is plants, but I am also quite fond of herps, marine mollusks, and fungi. In my free time, I enjoy hiking and backpacking in varied terrain, including mountains and deserts. Regardless, I'm always documenting the flora and fauna along the way! I am no expert of any regional flora, but I've spent some time botanizing in California’s coastal sage scrub and chaparral, the Mojave desert, the shrub-steppe of Eastern Oregon and the Snake River plain, the Puget trough lowlands, the Central Cascades, and various ranges in the Rocky mountains and Great Basin.

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