Courtney (Nini)

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I am Courtney, and I live in California. I am 16 and have an interest in animals, especially wolves. I live a short walk away from Spring lake, and go there often to play at the park, kayak, or just hang out with friends. When I'm there I do love to watch and look at the different animals that roam around. In the summer, I get my fill of wildlife from our summer house in Tahoe. Our house is right on the beach, so finding tracks and seeing the eagle fly over is pretty common. Below are some other random facts about me:

--I work as a volunteer at Safari West.
--My favorite animal is a wolf.
--I love to draw.
--I do archery.
--I find Zodiac signs extremely interesting, and if anyone wants to know, I'm a Capricorn.
--I ride horses.
--I am a sophomore at Montgomery high-school.

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