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Not here to make stats but science.

Practicing naturalism as a job and a hobby.

Inaturalist is a powerful tool to help institutions, associations, labs, etc., to better understand our biodiversity, from repartition, systematic, to conservation. The fact that the organisation feeds back validated observations to national information systems on biodiversity and natural heritage is a very important aspect.

Inaturalist and its growing network of experts really help to avoid misidentifications, learn more efficiently in a collaborative way, as well as it help to save time (especially during the high season of spring and summer). Learning is an everyday work, especially when doing opportunistic observation on certain groups, so my ID may be incorrect! If that's the case, I appreciate feedback to help me avoid making the same mistake again.

A special big thanks to people who help by reviewing my observations (especially when tagged!)

Feel free to review my data in the field(s) you are comfortable with.

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