Ryan Andrews

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I am birder from San Diego, California with an interest in all things nature. In late 2015, I discovered iNaturalist which helped me develop my interest in all aspects of nature. I have travelled extensively throughout the United States and Costa Rica. I am most knowledgeable about birds in the Americas (North, Central, and South) but have a general knowledge worldwide. I hope to pursue my passion for birds and nature both academically and professionally. I have volunteered at the San Diego Natural History Museum in the department of birds and mammals for several years, and in Costa Rica I conducted point counts for a long-term bird monitoring project at Cloudbridge Nature Reserve. I hope to continue to pursue my passion for birds and nature professionally and academically, and am currently attending the University of Kansas to get my Bachelor's of Science in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology. On iNaturalist, I upload anything and everything and identify mostly birds.

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