Amber Hart

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Call me Salamamber. Loonologist on Guntersville Lake, Alabama. Avid herper and birder. Originally from Ohio, where I was born and raised. I picked up my first bird guide (The Readers Digest Birds of North America book) when I was 5 years old and memorized it... it began a life-long passion for all animals. As a kid, I was known to play in the dirt and find bugs and herps, much to the dismay of my non-bug and herp-loving parents. I moved to northern Alabama five years ago, where I took up herping after coming across my first Black Kingsnake at Wheeler NWR. Five years ago I also began my journey into photography, learning on birds and then eventually extending my sights out into macro photography. Once completely fearful of spiders, going face-to-face with them behind my camera in the past two years built a love for them I couldn't imagine having. My favorite animals are the ones most reviled, like the Timber Rattlesnake and the Brown Recluse.

I am a mom to several children, who often go into the field with me, and run a naturalist group for Alabamians on Facebook.

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