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North Texas Master Naturalist, Class of 2023

I love our Dallas park systems, especially those featuring prairie remnants. I get out to stretch my legs and look at flora and fauna as often as I can!

This year has been an eye-opener for me about native plants - I didn't quite understand the impact of non-native species on our biodiversity, or how few pockets of truly native plants remain in our landscape. I've grown quite passionate about this topic lately and have enjoyed connecting with others who are knowledgeable.

My current interests center around preservation of prairie remnants as well as restoration of prairie and riparian habitat in urban areas. As a long term goal, I hope to be involved in projects that impact my immediate community, as I'm lucky to live in the midst of several expansive park systems.

I'm learning my way around identifications. If you are somebody who helps the community with regular identification and you've landed here, thank you for contributing this way. It is much appreciated.

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