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This is primarily a northern-hemisphere-winter experimental project done by one of iNat's high volume users (I'm not gonna say who here but if you poke around a little you can figure it out).

This started when I was doing desktop mapping and realized just how much one can see on Google Street View (and the Bing version). The main purposes are to fill out range maps, flag areas for future adventures, find occurrences of invasive species, and get data from dangerous or otherwise inaccessible areas such as the medians of interstate highways. Other things such as species lists from public or voluntary sources or photos sent to me by other people may also show up. Basically I don't want street view sightings on my main account's life list.

Per Google and Inat's terms of service I can't post screen shots directly so there will be only links and no research grade. I'm not trying to track the date or even year of the photo, dig through the old ones if you can't see the species on the current one. I don't work for Google, I am just an iNat user who looks at air photos and street view a lot and sees things.

Sometimes I also post things from air photos, but only really easy stuff such as Bigcone douglas-fir in California or aspen patches in the high mountain islands of the Great Basin.

If you find something on Google Street View that you think is worthy of adding, or have some other similar data that might belong here, send me a message!

Feel free to 'agree' with these observations or disagree if you think the ID is wrong. They won't get research grade but can still be used for other things. I haven't been to these places in person usually, and having a point on land doesn't imply it's public, so please don't trespass trying to access these observation sites.

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