Sam Fruehling

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Retired business person. MBA-UT, BA-Philosophy. Have lived in Austin most of my adult life and been a casual birder for 35+ years. Consider myself a wannabe naturalist. Enjoy hiking and nature travels. Support science-based public policies & humanist goals. Since about 2018, I have become fascinated with the insect world. Have discovered with my digital camera I can find an abundance of novel & exotic creatures in my own backyard. Neat!!

I try to be accurate and do reasonable research for my identifications. For my own & other’s benefit, I will often give my reasons if I disagree about an ID. To assist with data quality at iNaturalist I have also made a special effort to learn identification marks for certain species (mainly in Texas ) many people may find troublesome. Critters I have gained knowledge and a moderate level of expertise in identifying include Metalmark Butterflies (Calephelis), Giant Swallowtails (Heraclides), and Whiptail Lizards (Aspidoscelis). I have journal posts on identifying Calephelis in Texas, Arizona, and California. Please correct & help educate me, however, if you find errors in my statements or identifications. Appreciate sites like iNaturalist and the people who make them good resources.

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