Shaunak Modi

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I'm a marine life enthusiast and nature photographer based out of Mumbai. I'm interested in intertidal ecology, cetacean ecology and citizen science.

I work at Coastal Conservation Foundation where I'm currently studying coastal cetaceans in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. I also manage the Marine Life of Mumbai and Marine Life of Goa projects.

You can find them on iNat at and A larger project, Intertidal Biodiversity of India can be found at

I have also created the following projects on iNaturalist.

  1. Cephalopods of India:
  2. Corals of India:
  3. Echinoderms of India:
  4. Hydrozoans of India:
  5. Marine Crabs of India:
  6. Pleuston from Indian Shores:
  7. Polychaetes of India:
  8. Sea Anemones of India:
  9. Sea Snakes of India:
  10. Seashells of India:
  11. Seaslugs of India:
  12. Zoantharians of India:

All my data on iNaturalist, including photographs, are licenced under Creative Commons CC-BY-NC licence and may be used for non-commercial activities. However I request you to inform me about where they're being used.


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