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howdy! my favorite taxa are reptiles of oceania and the southeastern united states, cool looking bugs, and new world vultures, although i love lots of things :)
i am fascinated by carrion decomposition, particularly species that feed on it!
if you're interested, you can check out my project: Carrion Eaters
my pics are free to use, although i would appreciate you letting me know what you're using them for!
please feel free to tag, mention, or message me if you ever want to correct me, ask something, or just chat. i greatly enjoy communicating with y'all. i sometimes get a lot of notifs and some slip through, so feel free to re-tag or message me.
my inat tips:

  • make an identification when posting. many people only browse "needs id" posts of groups that they feel comfortable with, so it's better to guess "insect"/etc. than leave it blank.
  • you can select whether the specimen you've posted is alive or dead, as well as its life stage and sex. you can also indicate that it is an organism, bone, feather, etc. in the annotations section, which will bring the post to the attention of users who specialize in bone identification, etc.
  • the ai identification is a useful tool, but put in the location before using it and double check that the suggestion actually makes sense. if in doubt just put a broad id such as "beetles" and let someone else take it from there.
  • try taking pictures of multiple angles (e.g. top and bottom of a mushroom).

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