Stephen Fricker

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I am currently doing my Masters, working on log term population trends in mosquito communities along the Murray River in South Australia. I have conducted vector monitoring and contributed to various research projects over the years. Prior to working in this space, I spent some time in Indonesia in Pearl aquiculture.
Most recently I have worked with other organisers of the Australia City Nature Challenge’s to create the Great Southern Bioblitz, to be held for the first time 25-28 September 2020. This event hopes to encourage participation in citizen science through this platform, while increasing knowledge of biodiversity.
Great Southern Bioblitz Umbrella
I also work win a citizen science engagement role, working with older Australians, to aid this project I set up a project ‘Activating Australians for Citizen Science’ when the project finished I kept the project up and running and it has grown through our Facebook group we set up to support the work.
Activating Australians for Citizen Science umbrella

I was one of the first organisers of City Nature Challenge in Australia organising the CNC for greater Adelaide;
City Nature Challenge 2020: Greater Adelaide
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