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I retired and relocated to Bulgaria in 2020. I have only started moth trapping this year (2022) I intend to moth trap all year round and have observed many new species. My main passion for the past 50 odd years is birds, I have been lucky enough to watch birds in many countries throughout the world.
I never get tired of moths, I committed myself to a ''constant effort' site at my home property which we also use in bird ringing. It means I photograph every one moth for accurate records The Constant Effort see's the changes very clearly, as you will know, some moths are very abundant for a period then they are gone and replaced by new species. It enables me to look at population dynamics, abundance and distribution of species and you guys help a lot with distribution maps with the projects observations. With the Constant Effort I have uncovered 8 Conistra ragusae and 6 Agrochola osthelderi - the only records in Europe, I have had numerous rare species and indeed, some first sightings in Bulgaria - Orthosia opima and others - and I love doing it!
Every year the data will be studied and a report will be sent to Stoyan Beshkov @ BAS

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