Leila Dasher

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(she/her) I like finding and identifying stuff; if it exists, I want to know about it. I live in Athens GA.

Come join the discord server and hang out with other inatters! https://discord.gg/uskv2yx

Guides and references I use:
Birds - Stokes Field Guide to the Birds of North America, allaboutbirds.org
Herps - Amphibians and Reptiles of Georgia by Jensen, Gibbons, et al.
Odonates - Dragonflies and Damselflies of Georgia and the Southeast by Giff Beaton, bugguide.net, odonatacentral.org
other "bugs": bugguide.net, butterfliesandmoths.org, discoverlife.org
Mushrooms: mushroomobserver.org
Lichens: Lichens of North America (and keys) by Brodo and Sharnoff
Flowers: Wildflowers of Georgia by Linda Chafin
Plants: Forest Plants of the Southeast and their Wildlife Uses by James H. Miller and Karl V. Miller, namethatplant.net
Mammals: Mammals of Georgia by Stan Tekiela
Trees: Native Trees of the Southeast by Kirkman, Brown, and Leopold

currently looking for good guides, references, and ID keys for plants and fungi, and anything else (I also love to have a good physical field guide on hand to peruse)

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