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Hello, I am a young student, who thought it would be interesting to learn about terrestrial arthropods and other invertibrates in our city Šurany and ID as many species as there are through all year (all seasons, all weather)(like real life Pokémon hunting) and learn something about their behaviour and life. I am using INaturalist for marking my sightings and proper identification along with books and internet.
(About me)
I am curretnly studying electrical engineering in automation technology (not university but middle school (it depends where you live, how you call it)). I live in a Šurany almost my whole life and I love this lovely quiet place with passion respect for its great and rich history. I always has been a bit weird among my peers, always the dumb but smart guy at the same time or the guy who knows everything when you ask him about any topic but is concerned that there are things that I dont understand at all. I like to write, to educate, to interact with people and animals, I love working and for the most I always loved nature, from plants to animals, arthropods. So I ended up here, with observating arthropods in my city, running around with my old camera and looking at grass being asked by people what am I doing. People always look with awkwardness when you aren't looking at your phone 24/7, well I don't blame them. I must say that this project kinda made me see world the other way, like I started seeing all this LIFE all around me, its amazing, people should appreciate all the little things we have and educate more about our little co-occupants of the world.

A na záver, Eškeré Šurany!

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