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He/him. I am a longtime lover of wetland ecosystems. Previous research has focused on secretive marshbirds – population assessments and technological applications for studying these cryptic species. However, recently, I have made a transition to the uplands as a research coordinator working on Working Lands for Wildlife outcomes assessments for grassland birds.

M.S. Forestry & Natural Resources, University of Georgia
B.S. Wildlife Conservation, Virginia Tech

Disclaimer: I have Serpentes, Sphingidae, and Vespidae listed under "Favorite Taxa" because I find these groups fascinating. However, I am not knowledgeable about identification within these groups beyond a handful of species.

If you think I have made a mistake or if you would like me to explain my reasoning behind an ID, please don't hesitate to @ or PM me. If you are wondering why I have added an obvious ID, please refer to the iNat FAQ regarding coarse IDs. Also, if you haven't done so already, read through Identification Etiquette on iNaturalist on the iNat Forum.

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