Taylor DiTarando

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Hello! I am Taylor (She/Her)

B.A. Geography + Geographic Information Systems
Florida International University Alumni 2022
University South Florida Class of 2024
Eagle Scout Class of 2018 + Bronze Palm
I've worked as a Volunteer Park Ranger, Intern Zookeeper, and Intern Horticulturalist.

Birdwatcher and photographer
Mostly familiar with Florida Birds and Wildlife, as well as Trees and Mushrooms.

I use a Canon EOS 80D with a Canon EF-S 55-250mm F4-5.6 IS STM for most of my shots. If I'm not using that camera, i'm using my iPhone's camera.

Books I use:
Sibley's Birds East - 2nd Ed
NatGeo Birds of North America - 7th Ed
Peterson's "A Field Guide to Birds" - 2nd Ed
Audubon Society Field Guide for NA Birds - Eastern 2nd Ed
Tekiela's "Birds of Florida" Field Guide - 3rd Ed

I am deeply interested in Sandhill Cranes and their subspecies. If you ever need a Sandhill Subspecies ID, please @ me!

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