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I'm currently studying biology at Wheaton College near Chicago, focusing on ecology and evolutionary biology. At home I'm a curatorial assistant for the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, which I suppose makes me a semi-professional malacologist. I specialize in Californian mollusks (particularly marine), but I'm familiar with mollusks from other regions I've explored—such as the Midwest and the Black Hills of South Dakota. I enjoy helping out with identifications, but while I'm away from home I only have my digital library, the internet, and whatever I can remember off the top of my head. This semester I'm doing research with Dr. Nadine Rorem, studying reproductive photoresponses in the colonial hydroid Cordylophora. In general, I am fascinated by the diversity of life we are blessed with and I love getting outside and exploring it. Additionally, I love exploring the nuance of taxonomy. I also play classical piano and run cross country and track, specializing in the 800 m; my runs simultaneously function as casual birding expeditions.

Here's some publicly available sources that I've found useful for mollusk IDs:

Mollusks (Pacific Northwest):
Bivalves (Central California to Oregon):
Pyramidellidae (West Coast):
Pyramidellidae (Southern California):
Epitoniidae (Northeastern Pacific):

Gastropods (North America):
Gastropods (Montana):
Gastropods (Wisconsin):
Bivalves (Montana):
Pea Clams (North America):;sequence=1
Freshwater Mussels (North America):
Freshwater Mussels (Upper Mississippi):
Freshwater Mussels (Wisconsin):
Freshwater Mussels (Maryland):

Gastropods (North America):
Gastropods (East Coast):
Gastropods (Montana):
Gastropods (Illinois):
Gastropods (Tennessee):
Gastropods (California):
Gastropods (Channel Islands):
Snails (Black Hills):
Snails (Minnesota):
Pupilloidea (Eastern North America):
Banana Slugs:

Black Hills:
California Pliocene–Pleistocene:
California Tertiary (Marine Bivalves):
Santa Barbara:
Vaqueros Formation:

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