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I'm currently studying biology at Wheaton College near Chicago, focusing on ecology and evolutionary biology. At home I'm a curatorial assistant for the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. I specialize in Californian mollusks (particularly marine and terrestrial), but I'm familiar with mollusks from other a few other regions I've explored. I'd love to help out with IDs, so feel free to mention me in any observations. Just know that when I'm away from home I only have my digital library, the internet, and whatever I can remember off the top of my head. As for my own observations, please let me know if I can take better photos! I have a good light scope I can take photos through if need be. This semester I did research with Dr. Nadine Rorem, studying reproductive photoresponses in the colonial hydroid Cordylophora. In general, I am fascinated by the diversity of life we are blessed with and I love getting outside and exploring it. Additionally, I love exploring the nuance of taxonomy. I also play classical piano and run cross country and track, specializing in the 800 m; my runs simultaneously function as casual birding expeditions.

I have reviewed, and identified where I could help, all of the following observations:
Banana slugs (see this post)
Lancetooth snails
South Dakota Mollusks
Santa Barbara County Mollusks
Southern California Bivalves

I am currently working on identifying/reviewing:
Central California Bivalves (see this awesome project)

Here's some publicly available sources that I've found useful for mollusk IDs. Let me know if any of the links are broken.


Mollusks (various)
Mollusks (Mediterranean)
Mollusks (Pacific Northwest)
Mollusks (Central California)
Mollusks (Southern California), along with this one
Mollusks (Southwest Florida)
Bivalves (Central California to Oregon)
Pyramidellidae (West Coast)
Epitoniidae (Northeastern Pacific)


Snails (North America) (see this too)
Snails (Montana)
Snails (Wisconsin)
Snails (Illinois)
Juga (see this too)
Bivalves (Montana)
Bivalves (Illinois)
Pea Clams (North America) (see this too)
Mussels (North America)
Mussels (Upper Mississippi)
Mussels (Wisconsin) (see this project too)
Mussels (Maryland)


Gastropods (North America) (see this checklist and Pilsbry for more detail: I.i.1, I.i.2, I.ii.1, I.ii.2, II.i.1, II.i.2, II.ii.1, II.ii.2)
Gastropods (British Columbia)
Gastropods (East Coast)
Gastropods (Montana)
Gastropods (Illinois)
Gastropods (Tennessee)
Gastropods (California)
Gastropods (Channel Islands)
Snails (Black Hills)
Snails (Minnesota)
Pupilloidea (Eastern North America) (see also Pupilla)
Euconulus (see this too)
Banana Slugs (and see my post here)


Black Hills (map)
California Pliocene–Pleistocene
California Tertiary (Marine Bivalves): a, b, c, d, e
Santa Barbara (map)
Vaqueros Formation (see this too)

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