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I am a naturalist, zoologist, and environmental educator currently based in Minnesota (where I grew up) and previously in Massachusetts, Northern California, Costa Rica, and the Yucatán.

I have a Bachelors in Wildlife Biology/ Zoology and Environmental Education from Hampshire College. For my senior thesis, I created a field guide to the wildlife of my college based on my own field observations and citizen science data.

The Hampshire College Biodiversity Project can be found here:

Currently, I work in animal care at the University of Minnesota, am a member of the Minnesota Wildlife Tracking Project, and I volunteer in the treatment room at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota. I recently co-authored and presented a project with my advisor about using citizen science data at the Northeast Natural History/Wilson's Ornithological Society's Conference 2021. I have one trail camera up and I get out on nature walks as often as I can with my busy schedule. I just picked up the MN State Parks Passport and Hiking Clubs so I plan to make it to every state park in the next year!

I previously worked in education at the San Francisco Zoo and the Hitchcock Center for the Environment, in animal/veterinary care at a vet hospital, a lab, and a farm, and interned at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation researching bats. I am seeking a career in conservation!

I specialize in vertebrates but I am interested in all taxa and am always looking forward to discovering new things! In particular, I post a lot of trail camera photos. I am the #1 observer of Mammals in Massachusetts, #5 in Minnesota, #14 in the United States, and #27 in the world. Recently I started paying more attention to fungi, trees, and wildflowers! I post whatever I come across, so there are some observations that I'm not 100% certain about or don't know at all, so I really appreciate the help this community offers!

All my observations are taken in the wild. I collect all my data ethically and respectfully. I never disturb wildlife or go into private/sensitive/closed off areas to get photos. I am Leave No Trace Trainer certified and practice LNT everywhere I go, you should too!

Please feel free to message me for any reason! I'd love to meet other nature enthusiasts and professionals near me or around the world.

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