Tyanna Schlom Blaschak

Unido: 05.jul.2018 Última actividad: 05.may.2021 iNaturalist Patrocinador mensual desde diciembre 2019

Hydrologist/geologist with a little formal training in biology, but learning. Depending on the time of year, will look for birds, plants, fungi, lichen, wildlife (mainly tracks and scat, sometimes the actual thing), and invertebrates (aquatic and terrestrial), or just post observations of things I happen to encounter on walks, hikes, and other outings. Occasionally I help actual biologists look for living things, mainly invertebrates, in underground places and underneath spaces (rocks, woody debris, leaf litter).

Sometimes will help suggest IDs where and when I can, usually in southern, eastern Siskiyou County/eastside of Shasta-Trinity National Forest, or Lassen National Forest.

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