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Lowcountry botanist for the South Carolina Heritage Trust, with a strong interest in the flora of the coastal plain, especially the following (to name just a few): Allium, Carex, Rhynchospora, Xyris, Helianthus, and Solidago.

Have worked with NC DEQ as lead botanist for the National Wetland Condition Assessment and other related wetland projects. Former ecologist/staff scientist/etc. at Ramboll Inc. and Arcadis Inc. Collaborator with Southeastern Flora development team with Alan Weakley et al, so feel free to message me with key errors or other oversights in the flora that need remedying -->

Recent botanical highlights (NC):
Cyperus subsquarrosus in Brunswick Co. and Person Co. (considered State-Historic, last seen 1980s)
Carex barrattii in Uwharrie National Forest (considered State-Historic, last seen 1957)
Carex vestita in Uwharrie National Forest (considered State-Historic, last seen 1959)
Eleocharis compressa var. compressa (State Record, Granville Co.)
Rhynchospora sulcata (State Record, Scotland Co.)
Rhynchospora compressa (State Record, Brunswick Co.)
Chenopodium berlandieri var. macrocalycium (State Record, Carteret Co.)
Croton michauxii (State Record, Brunswick Co.)

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