Weston Barker

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I am a birder and general naturalist based in midcoast Maine, but I wander over much of the state in my search for birds. I am a frequent user of eBird as well (working on my checklist streak). eBird profile

Need help with a bird ID in the Eastern U.S. or Canada? Go ahead and tag me! I'd be happy to take a look (or listen) at it.

Most of my expertise lies with birds of the Eastern U.S., but my other interests include moths (I haven't delved into butterflies yet, but that may be coming), galls (particularly oak gall wasps but I won't hesitate to look at other kinds!), tiger beetles (cicindela), and cetaceans (I particularly like learning how to identify them at the surface). I'm pretty well versed in the trees of Maine as well.
Any part of the natural world will interest me!

As well as being am obsessive pursuer of birds, I avidly photograph and illustrate them (watercolor, colored pencil).
I earned second place in the illustration category of the 2019 ABA Young Birder of the Year contest.

I am honored to have written twice for Birding magazine, once about Ruby-throated Hummingbird prealternate molt, and once about bird photography (camera settings that affect image sharpness, specifically)
--November 2020
--July 2021

I also write occasionally for a local bird club publication, and I monitor part of an Eastern Bluebird nestbox trail at one of my local birding patches.

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