Chrissy McClarren and Andy Reago

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We are Celebrants of the Wild

We are a long-time couple that share a mutual passion for the wild that surpasses all other callings in our lives. In the presence of moths, birds, trees, the land, clouds, a sunset or a crescent moon, we experience awe and wonder we never thought possible. The wild leads us to cherish everything, especially each other, as all is connected. The wild's gifts are endless. We strive to give back by sharing our love in creative ways through writing, drawing, photography, video and a continuous stream of gushing with whoever we encounter.

We fell in love with birds in 2009. The birds introduced us to their friends, the insects, which we fast fell in love with. The insects introduced us to their friends, the plants, and on an on until we were falling in love with the entire wild way of things. This is a never-ending love affair.

Important Note: We created an online photographic field guide to moths of Missouri project on FLICKR, but I think it would be better to have those sightings on here. So, slowly, but surely, I'm going to attempt to add the over 1,000 moths species we've seen and photographed in Missouri. (You can find many of our other photos of birds and the wild at our FLICKR account.)

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